“The Culatello from Somerset Charcuterie was simply stunning – as good as any I have tasted. There’s a fantastic depth of flavour that lingers on and it is a joy to the senses. Beautifully moist, sweet-tasting pork with just the right level of saltiness.”
Michel Roux Jr.
Judge in the Great British Food Awards; two-star Michelin chef and owner of Le Gavroche
“Very rarely am I organised enough to leave a review but I have recently bought your Red wine and draycott blue salami and felt I could not not eat without congratulating you on a truly amazing product! I don’t think it’s going to last very long and I will be ordering more!
Thank you for making a long day a whole lot better!”
Email from Sophie, August 18
“Wow what can we say! We learnt a huge amount on this fabulous course. After spending some time researching to learn about charcuterie as a gift for my husbands birthday I finally came across Somerset Charcuteries which stood out straight away. Clearly artisans just by the type of cuts being produced and a young team passionate about what they are doing. I was not wrong, we had the most informative, fun, exciting day one could wish for. Andy and Jo were a great double act who were incredibly knowledgeable and inspirational. The whole set up was amazing and so professional, they definitely know what they are doing and that can clearly be seen by all the awards they have won with their fabulous charcuterie. We will definitely be staying in touch and watching the progress of this great team and company.” Antonia and Paul, 20th March 2018
“I gave my Dad a gift box for his 75th birthday. He has had lots of fine foods and charcuterie in his time. He called me to say how gorgeous the items he had tasted were and he was bubbling with excitement about the quality and flavours. I’ve never heard him so animated about something. James was brilliant at getting this out to him in time for his birthday despite the snow we had at the start of March 2018. Big thanks.” Nick Barwick, 9th March 2018
Bought the best british sausage i have ever tried!!!! Massi Cmpi, 27th Feb 2018
Have ordered the coppa several times after trying it at the Blenheim Palace food event – it’s always delicious and the portions are generously above the stated weight (which means it lasts about an extra day..). Had a small problem with an order this week and James sorted it out very promptly and courteously; excellent customer service. John Reeve, Dec 2017
“The quality of the pork really shone through and the use of Somerset cider only added to the deep, complex flavour – making this fantastic regional British product” Lucy Jessop, Cookery Director, Good Housekeeping Magazine, Sept 27 2017

“I managed to taste the bresola, best charcuterie I’ve ever had.” James Mansfield, Field & Flower, Sept 28 2017

2018 (Survey Monkey, Facebook & Email)
“The whole experience of the day exceeded my expectations. I have learnt how to butcher half a pig for charcuterie joints and the art of curing and air dying are fascinating. Since attending the course with a friend we have made pancetta and filletto and we have created a hanging space in an old fridge with circulating air so in roughly six weeks time we will see if all the training has paid off.” Mandy Hudson & Claire Disney
“What a treat being able to spend a day as part of the Somerset Charcuterie team. We take for granted the amount of work that goes into making all the yummy top quality pokers, chorizo and other charcuterie that arrives at our doorstep with a click of a button. It was such fun learning about all the different cuts of meat, what is used for what and getting stuck into doing it ourselves (although my other half did prefer to observe but learnt just as much). The guys are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their products. Definitely a day well spent and we would do it again! (I forgot to mention the lunch – wow, what a spread! It was delicious!)”
“The hands on aspects of the course were great, learning and participating in the butchery was fun and educational, as was the sausage making, you couldn’t help but laugh!! The enthusiasm of the boys was infectious, and they were so keen to pass on their passion, expertise and experience. Top class day. Great lunch.”
“This was fantastic course, run by 2 very passionate professionals. Andy and James delivered the course in a really enjoyable yet informative way. We were well looked after throughout, the lunch in particular was exquisite. With what I learned on the day I am able to confidently take my hobby to the next level. Highly recommended”
“A hugely enjoyable day of learning about salumeri/charcuterie, with professional and very friendly guidance on how to create what the supermarkets do so very wrong and you do so very right!”
“I cannot recommend these course enough. The course was clear enough for a beginner, but deep enough for us to really appreciate the art that goes into this wonderful product.”
“they have a genuine passion for what they do, and this rubs off on you.”
“I now wish even more that I had been born the son of a Master Charcutier in Provence!”
“A superb experience and came away far more confident about making chorizo!”
“Fantastic day out, knowledgable friendly staff, would definitely recommend to family and friends!”
“Brilliant had a great time !”
“Totally loved our charcuterie course today. Fabulous laid back but professional tuition plus an excellent lunch! Would highly recommended. Thanks guys!!”
“Sally and I loved the game charcuterie course from start to finish – we learned a hell of a lot, ate lovely charcuterie for lunch and an amazing dinner to round the day off – we feel we have the knowledge to make our own at home now!! The boys all know their stuff and the enthusiasm for making great food is evident and importantly we had a good laugh throughout the day.”
“Great day doing the charcuterie course, learning how to butcher half a pig, the curing process, a fantastic lunch featuring many of their delicious products (seriously try them if you haven’t already) and then an afternoon of making salami & chorizo. A great day that i recommend to anyone who is interested in home curing or picking up some new skills.”
“I received a day’s Charcuterie course for my birthday and what a day it was! Evebrything from butchering half a pig to the curing, drying, recipes, mincing and hilarious salami making. A fantastic local produce lunch was provided too. We were sent away with a pancetta kit to make at home (including a large cut of belly that we butchered earlier) and our salami and chorizo will be sent on when it is ready. Totally awesome and highly recommended.”
“I had a great day and learnt a lot – my take-home pancetta is drying in the garage as I type!”

SEPTEMBER 2017 (Email)

“This morning I have received the salami and chorizo that was made on the course I attended a few weeks ago. Very many thanks for sending that out. Coincidentally this morning I found that my first batch of chorizo was ready and I have attached a picture of them (a proud moment). I think they have turned out quite well for a first attempt and the one I sampled tasted very good as well. I just wanted to express my thanks for your help and advice during the process, your answers to my questions gave me more confidence that things were going in the right direction.” David James
A great insight into the study of meat preservation . My old wine cooler is now going to be converted into a meat curing chamber . All going well I will have Pancetta in a few weeks . Thank you to all the lovely people at the Charcuterie for a great day.” Steve Curnow, Sept 10th 2017

AUGUST 2017 (Survey Monkey)
“The only thing that would make the course better is extra days. It is fun, informative and stimulating, providing enough learning to start your own cured meats.”
“Such an amazing day with the Somerset Charcuterie team. Exceeded expectation, learnt a lot about the process, and didn’t put me off eating charcuterie! Stunning lunch provided, and I can’t wait to try out the fruits of our labour in a few weeks time!”
“The great thing for me was that I received it as a present. As a result of buying a fennel salami from Russ at Frome we saw the charcuterie course advertised and decided that this would be a good birthday present. I would have loved to butchered all of the pig myself but there were other students there as well, so of course we had to share the work around. Great lunch fortunately we were able to take it outside under the walnut tree, which was a bonus. The process of making salami is relatively easy, but the temperature and humidity levels needed still seems to be a black art to me at the moment. The presentation box containing the pancetta was excellent and the meat is now in the ‘fridge awaiting to be hung. An excellent course, wonderful day out and fairly priced. All the guys were great and imparted as much knowledge as we could absorb. I would/have recommended this course to anyone who has an interest in cooking and eating.”

“High quality, tasty and juicy meat all round. Bought a lump of blue cheese chirizo, it is way too good, many thanks.” Ashley Cook, August 5th 2017

JULY 2017 (Survey Monkey)

The concept of butchering and producing charcuterie was demistified and broken into its essential elements. I can’t help but looking at my own pigs and thinking ‘there’s the hams, the hocks, the lomo’ and so on!”
“Brilliant hands on day for anyone, full marks.”
“My first piece of cured pork belly is currently hanging from my cellar ceiling – can’t wait to see how it turns out! Really enjoyed the day and particularly valued James sharing his experiences of setting up and developing the business.”
“An excellent day. I cannot wait to sample the results.”

MARCH 2017 (Survey Monkey)
“This exceeded my expectations by a long way , I learnt almost as much just talking to you as I did with the hands on part. Great course and very nice people must keep in touch. Derek”
“It was a hands-on day from start to finish, and I learned so much. The facilities were very good, lunch was excellent, and James and Andy were informative and entertaining. Highly recommended.”
“The charcuterie course was great fun, delivered with passion and expertise, in great facilities with a delicious lunch. I can’t wait to receive the chorizo and salami we made.”
“A fascinating insight to charcuterie.”
“Demystified charcuterie – anyone remotely ‘foodie’ would love this……”
“The charcuterie course was very informative and provided very good “hands on” experience of making the finished product. It was particularly impressive as the guys did not withhold any “trade secrets” relating to the ingredients used or the methods needed to produce the products along with making it a fun day.”

“Dear Big Bad Wolf, Save your huffin, Somerset Charcuterie got there first. A superb day. Thank you.” Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our February Charcuterie Making Course
“An excellent day! Learned a lot from the guys and had loads of laughs whilst doing so. Cheers!.” Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our February Charcuterie Making Course
“A fantastic, hands-on and meaty filled day. This is a perfect gift for the foodie(s) in your life. The knowledge and passion that Andy and James have is infectious, leaving you with total confidence to just ‘give it a go’. This a really great experience, book on the next available course, NOW!”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our January Charcuterie Making Course

“I received a day’s Charcuterie course for my birthday and what a day it was! Evebrything from butchering half a pig to the curing, drying, recipes, mincing and hilarious salami making. A fantastic local produce lunch was provided too. We were sent away with a pancetta kit to make at home (including a large cut of belly that we butchered earlier) and our salami and chorizo will be sent on when it is ready. Totally awesome and highly recommended.”
Jon M Chamberlian

“The course brilliant, far exceeded my expectations. Andy and James were brilliant, their knowledge on the subject was exceptional. The meats they are producing are beautiful and it is no surprise that they are growing so quickly. It is truly some of, if not the best Charcuterie I have ever tasted. The course fills you with the confidence you need to get home and give it a go. It was a great day and I cannot thank you guys enough. Kind Regards Matt B”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our January Charcuterie Making Course

“A unique course, I have been on many cookery courses and this is one of the best in terms of content from butchery to a sausage ready to hang. Learn some special skills which are not easy to obtain from the WEB.”

Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our January Charcuterie Making Course

“The perfect cure for a dreary Saturday in January!”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our January Charcuterie Making Course

“My birthday present from my wife this year was a charcuterie workshop and I can safely say it was probably the best foodie course I have attended. Ratio of attendees to instructors was generous which meant there was always an expert you could quietly ask that ‘stupid’ question!”
Mark Gibbins

“A great day learning the traditional way of preserving, and how to adapt it to the modern pallette.”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our November Charcuterie Making Course

“James and Andy are very keen to share their knowledge and experience of charcuterie. The lunch was very good, the course informative and enjoyable. They do what they do very well and the end product is testimony to their passion and dedication. I’d do the course every weekend if I could!”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our November Charcuterie Making Course

“A very informative day. Andy and James are both very passionate and knowledgeable about charcuterie and clearly take great pride in their top-quality approach to their products. The learning is very hands-on with everyone actively engaged. There was plenty of products to taste as part of the lovely lunch and lots of laughter throughout the whole experience.”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our October Charcuterie Making Course

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and was particularly impressed that for the six of us attending the course there were 2 or sometimes 3 ‘tutors’ available, all of whom were really enthusiastic about their product.”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our October Charcuterie Making Course

“James and Andy made the day really interesting and I learnt a lot about meat curing. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would certainly recommend it to someone with an interest in making charcuterie.”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our June Charcuterie Making Course

“A really enjoyable day delivered by 2 knowledgeable and friendly chaps, recommended for complete novices or those just wanting to see what others are doing!”
Submitted on Survey Monkey by somebody attending our June Charcuterie Making Course

“Fantastic gifts for foodies”
James & Andy, Somerset Charcuterie founders

“I think I bought up most of your stock at the Game fair – for which I’m not apologising for, as what I’m enjoying right this minute is the best Coppa I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating – so, THANKYOU!”
Katie Elliot

“5 star products using 5 star ingredients for 5 star gourmands!!”
Sue Wynne

“Love this range of Charcuterie! Spicy chorizo with smoked paprika is definitely my favourite – brilliant on it’s own and also adds lovely flavour to lots of tasty meals.”
Holly Callow
“Bought some yesterday (wednesday) at Wells Market, chorizo and the one that has blue cheese in it?! Hardly got any left after I brought them out at the pub back in london! Come to Greenwich.”
Richard Mangan

“I bought a chunk of your coppa at Blackheath last weekend – delicious!.”
Richard Mangan

“I just wanted to give my feedback on your fantastic products. My wife and I found you at Taste of London last Friday and purchased a Garlic salami a red wine and cheese and some of the spicy salami all of which we adored. In fact so much so that my wife returned on Sunday to get more supplies! Keep up the great work.”
Chris Morley

“Nice to meet you in Ilminster today. Your products are superb. We’ve eaten salami and cured meats all over the continent and yours are amongst the best. It was an easy choice for my daughter to choose my, now early, Father’s Day pressie ! Went down surprisingly well with a couple of glasses of red sitting in the sunshine ! French markets – who needs them! All the very best with a fantastic range of products.”
Steven Yates

We met Russell in the market in wells on Saturday week. We did purchase some of your products. My wife is from the Basque Country (Bilbao), and she introduced me to Chorizo’s other Spanish Cured meats. We have to give you 9 out of 10 for your products which were amazing. Especially the Cured Somerset Duck Thin Slices. Good luck to you all.
Lolita and Norman Miles Judd


“Hi – just wanted to tell you that my husband and I visited the market on Saturday (1st time) and had a fabulous morning. We loved your stall and tried a number of your products – all of which were brilliant.”
Claudia McDonald

I treated myself to a generous sized salami with wild garlic at the last Frome Market (you didn’t have my favourite lamb salami). I have to say your cured meats are as good as any I have tried in France, Spain and Italy. Look forward to seeing you next month.
Mike Bell

“I bought one of your Somerset cider, sage and mustard salamis (for £10) in Wells market last Wednesday. It is quite the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. We also tasted a red wine and Draycott Blue poker, which was also delicious and I wish I’d bought one. I’ve had XXXXXXXXX’s things, and they are good, but yours are much more exciting, complex flavours.”
Jenny Henderson

“Mother’s day prezzie sorted. bloody lovely!”
Tom Ware

I just wanted to send you a quick message to say what a pleasure it was to discover your company and exciting range of produce at the Bristol Foodies Festival. We are definitely foodies and as we spend a lot of time in South West France, are very familiar with all the salamis and dried meat options available there. We just think it is so innovative to use the Somerset flavours to make your range of produce – a really clever idea and very delicious. We bought a couple of your products on the day and will definitely be ordering online in the future. With best wishes,
Georgette and Brian Harries

“Delighted to find your stall and excellent products at Wells market today. With the summer sun and your super sausage I was able to re-create a Mediterranean-style alfresco lunch today. Keep it up guys, and you will win a great following.”
Alan Butt Phillip

“I love, love, love these. Had a bunch when we were visiting for Christmas and this is honestly some of the best cured meats I’ve tasted. That means a lot coming from a Kansas girl!”
Melanie Coffee Hesselberg

“I’ve had the pleasure of trying quite a few of the different chorizo sausages they produce. All of them pack big full flavours and are balanced well by the more subtle flavours in the background. The Somerset Pork with Cider are my current favourite. Delicious!
James Hosford

“Wow amazing. think we bought 4 different types 3 gone in less than one hour of purchase. favourite red wine and blue cheese, unfortunately children’s too so didn’t get a lot.”
Megan Cox

“Good to see you at Wells market…………….fantastic chorizo!”
John Millbank

“When I first tasted your saucisson a year ago I thought it was the best I’d ever had. A year on, after holidays in France and Italy, and having eaten lots and lots of yours, I still think it’s the best I’ve ever had. My favourite (I think – it’s hard to choose) is the one with blue vinney. Yes it’s expensive, but a little goes a long way. We find about £5 worth of one of your saucissons sliced thinly makes lunch for two of us two days running, with a big slice of melon and some good bread.”

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